Sarah Hyland Shows Off Her Bed Head and a Bit of Nip

February 21, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Curls Look Great, So Does the Nip

If this is Sarah Hyland first thing in the morning, then she is probably the most beautiful person to ever wake from a night's slumber. Sure, the nip slip is always a wonderful thing, but Sarah Hyland's curly bedhead has her looking really beautiful. And the whole peek at the nipple thing isn't hurting.

It must be a thing that if you're to be a famous celebrity, you have to look amazing in the morning and apparently sleep in the nude. Honestly, this is making me wish Sarah Hyland did the curly hair thing a little more often. She does look like a completely different person. Still incredibly hot, just a different version of Sarah Hyland. I mean, the curly-haired version of Sarah Hyland shows her nipple and that's pretty darn great. Of course, I have to wonder how long before Instagram took this beautiful photo down. Man, it just rubs me the wrong way - Instagram has no idea what beauty is. If you are someone who gets offended by Sarah Hyland's nipple, then you shouldn't be allowed on social media.

I have a feeling that Sarah Hyland can't do steamier, more adult roles just yet. She'll probably have to wait until her contract is up on Modern Family. I know we'll be a little sad when that show ends, but also excited to see what Sarah Hyland does next. Hopefully, she'll go topless in something other than Instagram.

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