Top Ten Hottest Celebrities With Presidential Last Names

February 22, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Talk About Leadership Skills

As we celebrate those who have served in the highest office in the land, it's important to remember the difficulty and honor that comes with being President of the United States of America. Whether they were great leaders in times of crisis, fantastic policymakers, or too fat to get out of the bathtub, being the president is not for everyone. So, to honor all the great Presidents, let's count down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities With Presidential Last Names.

Washington, Lincoln, Polk, the names of the Presidents are forever locked in our memories. For they have to lead us through good times and bad and some of them have their faces on money. And yes, we know that the hotties we list probably have no relation to the person they share a name with, but who cares? They are some real hotties out their with the same last name as Presidents. We should totally honor both. No need to sign an executive order because here comes the list!

10. Amy Jo Johnson

9. Cynthia Nixon

8. Sophia Bush

7. Liv Tyler

6. Courtney Ford

5. Kerry Washington

4. Dora Madison

3. Dakota Johnson

2. Amy Adams

And the No. 1 Celebrity With a Presidential Last Name Is... Jessica Parker Kennedy

There you have it, our picks for the hottest celebrities with Presidential last names. If you feel you have to veto us because we left off your favorite celeb, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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