Aubrey O’Day Really Isn't Dressed

February 19, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

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Aubrey O'Day Is Barely Barely Dressed

If you want to get technical, then yes Aubrey O'Day is "dressed". She does, in fact, have on a pair of shorts that are held together by string and prayer, but in all actuality, she is not dressed. There is no way she could go into any business with this ensemble on and get service. Wait, I take that back, Aubrey O’Day can wear this outfit wherever the hell she wants and I'm sure we'd be tripping over ourselves to help.

Can you really call those things wrapped around Aubrey O’Day's midsection shorts? If they aren't really covering anything and tied together with string, does that count as actual clothing? We've all seen plenty of short shorts in our days, but these just might be the shortest of them all. Plus, they aren't even one solid piece of fabric. Sure, it could just be Aubrey O’Day's hotness bursting at the seems, but those are barely shorts. If you want my honest opinion, I'm going to go with no. Of course that might be because Aubrey O’Day is so damn hot we all love the idea of her being nude than her being barely dressed. Though, barely dressed Aubrey O’Day is nothing to shake a stick at.

You can say she's dressed, but I'm going to stand by my claim that no, Aubrey O’Day is not dressed. You can't call this an outfit if there's really nothing there. And that is pretty damn awesome.

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