With a Name Like Arianny Celeste, You Know She's Hot

February 17, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Yes, Arianny Celeste Is That Hot

I love it when the name fits and there are few with a better name than that of Arianny Celeste. Not only does her name fit, but there are few more fit than Arianny Celeste. Seriously, I want to say she has a heavenly body, but I don't know if any higher power could actually create something as stunning as Arianny Celeste.

Believe me, I am not overselling Arianny Celeste. She is a solid gold hottie of the highest honor and if anyone tells you otherwise, you must stop speaking to them immediately. I don't care if they were your best friend, significant other, a close family member, your mailman, your doctor, and/or organ donor. Sorry, you're going to have to cut ties with them, that's how hot Arianny Celeste truly is. Sure, it might sting for a minute or two, but you'll have the hotness of Arianny Celeste wearing barely anything to help comfort you. Surely that can get you through any rough patch. I know the complete and total hotness of Arianny Celeste has gotten me through both good times and bad.

And none of us should be surprised that Arianny Celeste is this hot. She's named Arianny Celeste. With a name like that, you know she's going to be hot.

via Fitness Gurls Magazine

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