It's Just Rita Ora, Hanging Out, Naked

February 13, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

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One Hell of a Beautiful Nude Sunset

Yes, there's nothing like a beautiful sunset over the ocean - oh, fudge it, who I am kidding? Rita Ora is hanging out naked, who the hell cares about sunsets and oceans? Sheesh, I can't even pretend to want to talk about anything other than Rita Ora hanging out naked. It's Rita Ora and she's naked, that's it.

This is one of those moments I want to burn down Instagram's terms and conditions. Rita Ora naked is incredibly beautiful and if she wants to show it off, then damn it, she should be allowed to show off her super sexy nude body at sunset. Hell, Rita Ora can show off her nude body at sunset, sunrise, or high noon for all I care. There is nothing offensive in any of these pics. Well, I guess there's one offensive thing... we can't see Rita Ora's nude body! Come on, Instagram, come on... you are literally killing us. Even though these are Instagram nudes they are still pretty damn hot. Rita Ora looks great against the backdrop of the sunset over the ocean.

Maybe one day there will be a social media platform where Rita Ora can show off her amazing nude body if she wants. Until then, let's just enjoy the Rita Ora sexiness we can see. Seriously, what a beautiful nude body... and sunset.

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