Blake Lively Is Looking Lovely as Ever

February 14, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

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That Sexiness Is All Blake Lively

While we never should assume, I'm going to assume the gentlemen beside Blake Lively is some kind of personal trainer. Though, I'm not really sure why Blake Lively needs a trainer. She has the magical powers to just be hot. She doesn't need any help with it.

And I don't want to hear that old "She doesn't have magical powers, she's human just like the rest of us and has to go the gym to be in shape, blah blah blah". Nonsense. I don't believe a word of what you are saying. That hotness, the sexiness that only comes from Blake Lively is all due to Blake Lively. Whether it's magic or some kind of sexy mutant power or something gifted upon her by the gods of love and sexiness, I can't answer that question. All I can tell you is Blake Lively is sexy. She's always been sexy and she'll always be sexy because she's Blake "Always Sexy" Lively. Don't spend your time trying to figure out how Blake Lively is so sexy, just go and enjoy the sexiness.

Besides, is that even a real person beside Blake Lively? It could be a cardboard cut out or some kind of hologram. Yeah, I don't think that dude is real. The only thing real in this Instagram post is Blake Lively's sexiness.

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