Chrissy Teigen Adds Some Salad Topping Topless

February 13, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

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Chrissy Teigen, Master Naked Chef

Personally, I don't see the appeal in cooking in the nude. One wrong move and you'll get a spice in a place where spices don't go. And don't get me started on using knives while naked. On the other hand, seeing Chrissy Teigen making a salad in the nude makes me think twice about all that.

And yes, this is an Instagram post so it's not a fully topless Chrissy Teigen, but the salad emojis over the boobs are kind of funny. So, it's adding another element to an already sexy pic. I do hope that Chrissy Teigen didn't do the roasting of whatever is in that pant topless. Then again, Chrissy Teigen might be a pro at cooking in the nude and has no fear of hot extra virgin olive oil (what whatever her cooking oil of choice is). Me, I am full of fear at the idea of being nude near a hot stove. Then again, doesn't a nude Chrissy Teigen make everything hot? So, that stove wouldn't stand a chance against Chrissy Teigen's naked hotness. In reality, that stove and cooking oil should be afraid to get burned by her awesome nudity.

Little cheesy? Yeah, why not. Chrissy Teigen is making a salad in the nude. That's both incredibly sexy and kind of cheesy all at the same time. You have to admit, Chrissy Teigen making a salad naked makes you want to eat your greens.

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