Kara Del Toro Is Hotter Than the Sun Shining on Her Cleavage

February 9, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Lots of Kara Del Toro Hotness Going on Here

As I sit here staring for more time than I care to admit at the lovely Kara Del Toro soaking wet in an incredibly sexy bathing suit, I have two thoughts: First, I feel like the swimsuit designers are really making an effort to make one-piece bathing suits really sexy now, and two, Kara Del Toro is hot. I mean, she's like really hot. She's like hotter than the warm rays of sun streaming down on her incredibly hot body.

I really did want to come up with something clever, something witty to say about Kara Del Toro on a boat, but I drew a blank. Well, not really a blank - I was simply too focused on the amount of crazy hotness leaping off the screen. I guess you could say I was drawing a Kara Del Toro cleavage. So, I went with the lay-up, the obvious, the real - Kara Del Toro is hot. It may seem like an easy way out, but really it comes to this... who cares what anyone is saying when Kara Del Toro is being all crazy hot? That's all that matters, words are almost meaningless when there is this much Kara Del Toro hotness going on.

Maybe next time Kara Del Toro will be in a situation where it's easier to come up with a pun. But even if that happens, odds are we'll all be too blinded by Kara Del Toro's hotness to think of it.

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