Katrina Bowden Makes Everything More Beautiful

February 10, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Katrina Bowden Is So Hot It's Distracting

Here's the thing about the Hawaiian Islands: They don't need anything to make them more beautiful. If you have been to any of the Hawaiian Islands, you know that they are the most beautiful places on Earth. Yet, when you add Katrina Bowden to the Hawaiian Islands, all of sudden they are more beautiful than you could have ever imagined.

Seriously, Katrina Bowden makes everything that much more beautiful. It's crazy - the mind can almost not process it. One could make a pretty good argument that Katrina Bowden is actually more beautiful than any beach or mountain or picturesque location, and you probably wouldn't be wrong. Though, I do wonder why the people behind this travel guide didn't have Katrina Bowden in a bikini the whole time. Katrina Bowden is one of the single greatest things any of us will ever see. Oh, wait, I get it now. They put Katrina Bowden in a bikini ain't nobody going to be looking at a beach. Everyone will just stay focused on Katrina Bowden and her incredible bikini body.

There are some things that simply sell themselves. The Hawaiian Islands don't need any help, but a little Katrina Bowden never hurt so, you might as well toss her in some pics if you have the choice.

photos via “Oahu + Kauai Travel Guide”

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