Emily Ratajkowski Nude In Bed Is A Dream Come True

February 6, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

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No Need For Words When Emily Ratajkowski Is Nude

Look, I could sit here and try to be all fancy about Emily Ratajkowski nude in a bed, but let's just be honest with ourselves. There is no word salad tasty to fully describe Emily Ratajkowski nude in a bed. This is one of those times that you just have to let your eyes do all the talking.

Of course, that means you'll be starring at the screen for a rather long period of time. You won't be silent, but you won't be talking either. Mostly the sight of Emily Ratajkowski nude in a bed will cause a few sounds to escape, but they won't make any sense to anyone not looking at a nude Emily Ratajkowski in. Is anyone else wondering if she's completely nude under those sheets? I'm voting yes, of course. It's Emily Ratajkowski, she loves being nude so sleeping in the nude makes perfect sense. But I guess she could totally have a pair of boxers or panties or long johns on under there. If she's wearing any of those, damn that's super sexy.

Well, I think we've gone as far as we go with this one. It's Emily Ratajkowski, it's a bed, it's Emily Ratajkowski nude in a bed. Somethings you don't need to spell out for the world.

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