The Dangers of Drunk Sexting

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Doing anything at all while drunk runs the risk of going bad quick. Even the most innocent of activities can turn dark in a hurry. It should come as no surprise that sexting while drunk can become a world of drama. It can get you in relationship trouble, career peril, and it can destroy all sorts of areas of your life. You say things you don’t mean, or you say something you mean but should have never said. If you should have said it, you are sure to have said it wrong if you were drunk sexting. There are a lot of dangers to drunk sexting. Make sure you are aware of them before you let you inebriated fingers do the talking.

You Hit on an Ugly Chick

One of the worst things that could happen is that you drunk sext an unattractive chick that you would never in a million years be interested in if you were sober. The situation usually goes something like this: You get a buzz, you get bored, you look through your phone for a booty call, get no replies, and see said ugly chick's number and text her. Therein lies the problem. If she texts you back, you have a whole episode of drunk sexting with a mouth-breather who has two different sized boobs. If not, she’ll ask you about it in public sometime later and completely embarrass you to death.

You Say Something Gross to a Family Member

It doesn’t have to be a family member. It could be your coworker, Sunday school teacher, or mechanic. No matter who gets the drunk sext message, you’ll find yourself avoiding them for the rest of your life after you hit them up at 2 a.m. with a message like WYD babe? Wanna play? Imagine if you drunk sext your mom, sister or grandmother? You may never be able to recover.

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You Could Lose Your Job

Sexting your boss is a big deal. You could have a really cool boss who would shrug it off, but even so, she will always remember it and think you’re an asshole. What if she goes for it? Then you have the even bigger issue of having started some kind of weird drunk sexting relationship with your boss. No good. If it isn’t your boss, even if you just drunk sext a coworker, you can lose your job or be forever labeled as the office perv. No winning here at all.

You Could Lose Your Marriage

Drunk sexting may not seem like a huge deal to you because you don’t even remember it when you wake up. If you don’t remember it, it didn’t happen, right? Wives and girlfriends do not always agree with that theory. As a matter of fact, they seldom do. They are just as pissed off as if you did it in the soberest state of mind you’ve ever been in. You could end up divorced or lose the love of your life just because you got all tanked up and horny.

You Could Lose Long-Time Friendships

You could be so drunk that you do not realize that you have just drunk sexted your best friend’s girl, your sister-in-law, or the pastor’s wife. Although you meant no harm and probably do not even remember it, drunk sexting the loved one of someone important to you is not something that some people can just brush off. It could cost you some important friendships or at the very least, strain them considerably.

The dangers of drunk sexting are rampant. Almost anything can happen. Besides screwing up your life and embarrassing yourself to death, you can also piss some people off and possibly get your ass kicked. So real are these drunk sexting dangers, many tech companies have started to design apps that will stop you from drunk sexting. They rely on your diminished cognitive skills while inebriated to inhibit your ability to work the phone or messaging app. Take some advice from the pros and don’t do anything while drunk. Do not drive. Do not call, visit, or confront anyone. Most of all do not, under any circumstances, drunk sext. Your life very literally depends on it.

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