Fleshtunes: The Jay Taylor Edition

February 7, 2018 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

Just Listen To Jay's Fleshtunes!

Gorgeous, natural beauty Jay Taylor delivers her best in every porn scene that she is in and she did a damn fine job sharing her Fleshtunes here.


It was SO HARD to narrow this down to five!! Music has always been so incredibly important and personal to me... I assign people and events in my life to different songs almost automatically, and have been almost my whole life. For this piece, I've chosen five songs that are very important to me and who I am as a person now. Please excuse my analysis of song lyrics if you don't agree

"Lovely Day" by Bill Withers: Oh my GOD, this song. My absolute favorite song and has remained cemented at that number one spot for years. I first heard it in the movie "127 Hours" (which is one of my top favorite movies) and the more I listened to it, the more I realized how completely perfect it is. That opening groovy baseline melts me and the lyrics about how another person just makes everything better uplifts me. I will walk down the aisle to this song.

"Moral of the Story" by Watsky: Ugh. YES. This is my pump up motivation song. I work my ass off for my career and business and this song is all about not giving up and pushing through until you fucking make it. The second verse in particular, because porn has been such an uphill climb for me and it doesn't always appear that way for others. I will be the one to work!

"Str8 to Video" by Mindless Self Indulgence: I was introduced to MSI as a young teen by the first girl I was in love and was sexual with. I've never looked back. I've only missed one live performance in L.A. in the decade I've been a rabid fan, and they have absolutely shaped who I am today. STV is not the best MSI song, but it is about getting into porn, and is the first thing to have tipped my scales in that direction.

"Evidence" by Faith No More: I was unsure of what FNM song to put in here; "Midlife Crisis" was a close contender, but it just doesn't speak to me lyrically like this one does. FNM is in my blood. My mother was a huge fan when Mike Patton joined, and I was actually conceived the night of their October 31st, 1990 concert; my mother's birthday. She had a VHS of one of their performance and I loved watching that thing. This song, while being undeniably sexy and funky, is a confession of prostitution; and sex work songs obviously hold special meaning for me.

"Planet Caravan" by Pantera: This song isn't on my usual playlists (I use Pandora) but that's only because I forget about it from time to time. When I was young, we had a family friend edit a year's worth of home movies into a twenty minute film with music video elements. It's a treasured family heirloom. This song was used for my older sister's segment; her bareback on our favorite horse, a white Arabian gelding. She gallops up and down our property in slow motion, only pausing to do tricks. It's a scene that's always riveted me. My sis and I grew up on horse back, and know our mounts enough to guide them with the lightest of touches; this was as true then as it is now. I think it may have been the first thing to cause the awe and hero worship I have for my older sister. She's amazing. The most educated and independent member of my family, and also the one who respects me most.

So.... thanks for taking this super personal journey with me. It's a lot more exposure than I'm used to.

The image of Taylor above is from her scene in Devil's Film's "Bush League 9". Follow Taylor on Twitter to keep up with all of her very sexy porno doings and here's what I am listening to right now! Hope you are having a great week!

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