We Love You, Alexandra Daddario!

February 4, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Alexandra Daddario Is One of a Kind

Every once in awhile, it's important to take a few moments and take stock of all the good things in your life. From a good job, to a strong family, to close friends, and let's not forget your baseball card collection or that old car you're restoring, getting a reminder of the good stuff can help put things in perspective. So, let's take a few moments and take stock of one of our favorite things: Alexandra Daddario.

For many of us, Alexandra Daddario came bursting out of the gate, so to speak, and since her arrival, we simply can't get enough of her. She's one of the hottest hotties out there today. And whether she's going topless, rocking a bikini, or even fully dressed, Alexandra Daddario is a solid gold knockout. Yes, a beauty like Alexandra Daddario only comes along once in a lifetime, so let's all take some time to look over some of her best moments.

Maybe it was karma, maybe it was fate, but when the announcement came down that there was to be a Baywatch (2017) movie, we all knew Alexandra Daddario was going to be in the film. And it was glorious.

With a body like hers, it was a shock to no one that Alexandra Daddario would be all over magazines like the famous How to Date Alexandra Daddario - GQ Photoshoot (2014). I'm pretty sure if Alexandra Daddario wanted to give up acting she could make it as a model.

Besides having a great body, Alexandra Daddario has some great bones, including a pretty great funny bone. Of course, it doesn't hurt that she's super sexy while being super funny in The Layover (2017).

And of course, we couldn't talk about Alexandra Daddario without mentioning True Detective (2014-2015). By far, this was her greatest and sexiest performance. Hopefully, we'll have more super sexy moments like these very, very soon.

Alexandra Daddario has captured our hearts and probably a bit of our soul. She's someone we are going to tell our children's children about, and for that, we love you Alexandra Daddario!

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