How Does Miley Cyrus Pass The Time? Being Sexy

February 1, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Miley Must Never Be Bored

None of us really like to sit around and wait. Doesn't matter what we are waiting for - if you have to wait, time can feel like an eternity. While some of us people watch, others count objects in the room, and Miley Cyrus has a sexy photo shoot. Of all the things one can do to pass the time, Miley Cyrus really does it the best.

I truly and honestly believe that Miley was just waiting backstage at the Grammy's and someone said, "Hey Miley, you're looking pretty hot!" and that sparked the whole thing. She probably would have just sat back there counting the different colored spots on the carpet or staring off into space had that person not said anything. Thankfully, someone pointed out Miley's hotness and we got this magical backstage moment forever captured on film or digital film or whatever. This really is the best way to pass the time if you ask me. Right now, staring at Miley Cyrus' cute little rump peeking out from those shorts makes time seem to race past.

Yeah, Miley Cyrus being all sexy is way better than counting the grooves in ceiling tiles. Now, if I can just figure out a way for Miley to have a sexy photo shoot at the DMV, everything would be perfect.

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