That's Some Lovely Sideboob, January Jones

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January Jones Is a Sideboob Artist

The more I think about it, the more I've come to believe that there is an art to the sideboob. There are certain ways one can twist or turn or press the breast to create the most beautiful sideboob in the world. Sure, sometimes sideboobs are an accident, but sometimes they truly are on purpose. Take January Jones and her sideboob, that's really something special.

I have no doubt in my mind that January Jones spent a good amount of time finding the perfect position before snapping this pic. I'm also sure there are multiple January Jones sideboob pics just laying around. You see, she's a true artist of the sideboob. January Jones knows how to maximize boob while not displaying nipple and yet leaves us with the feeling that we are oh so close to the nip. Yep, when it comes to side boob there are few better at the art than January Jones. Though, if January Jones wanted to go full boob, she would be really great at that as well. January Jones is pretty much the mast of all things boob related: cleavage, sideboob, underboob, full boob.

Don't know if Instagram will ever grow up and change their rules of nudity, but thankfully we have January Jones. She knows how to give us just enough boob for Instagram not take it down. That's the sign of an artist.

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