Kim Kardashian West Tries On A Fur Coat And Nothing Else

January 30, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Blurry Nipple Or Not, Kim Kardashian West Has Some Great Cleavage

While the animal lover inside of me is hoping that Kim Kardashian West is wearing a faux fur coat, the rest of me quite loves the fur coat and panties look. I think Kim Kardashian West might be starting a new fashion trend here. Coats, panties, and nothing else sounds pretty awesome to me.

Of course Kim Kardashian West isn't the first to don the fur coat and little else, but she's probably one of the sexiest people to do so in quite a long time. And yes, I understand this pic would be a lot hotter if Kim Kardashian West's boob wasn't pixelated, but you know how stupid Instagram is when it comes to nudity. Thankfully someone was able to get a screenshot of this Kim Kardashian West topless pic before it went away. Seriously Instagram, you think you'd be flexible on the whole nudity thing if it's someone we've all seen nude before. And besides this is an awesome Kim Kardashian West pic and it should be seen uncensored. Let's all hold out hope that Kim Kardashian West will together another book of pics and include this one unedited.

I know some people aren't digging the Bo Derek braids, but any time I can see Kim Kardashian West's boob and then think about Bo Derek, I consider that a win. Now, if Kim Kardashian West would only run on the beach in slow motion...

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