"Aeres" Takes an Eagle Eye View of Sex

January 31, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by jack-blackbush

That's One Hell of a View

When in the throes of passion, the best one can hope for is a glance at yourself and your partner in the mirror as you go at it. Or you could set up a camera and record yourself, but most likely those shots will be from the side of the bed. Have you ever wondered what sex looks like from above? Well, photographer Mateo de la Rioja decided to find out, and the answer is it's very damn sexy.

In a series of photographs called "Aeres," we are literally a fly on a ceiling during the act of lovemaking. Sure, the model has an incredible body and seeing it nude is a treat, but looking down on lovemaking really does give one a new perspective. I can't help but think about how we are willing to twist and turn our bodies into the perfect positions in order to achieve the ultimate goal. We all have our favorite positions and if you really took the time to think about it, if you went into that position outside of the bed, you would look kind of silly.

While they call it the "art of love" we could very well call it "the art of you lift this, I'll turn this way, and let's go like this." Mateo de la Rioja really has brought to life the beauty of those positions we all like to be in. If you are digging these photos, and I know you are, check out the rest of Mateo de la Rioja's work here.

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