Facebook Wants to Know Who You're Sleeping With

January 27, 2018 | Posted in Editorial Features by colette-callaway

I'm truly, honestly, almost 100 percent sure Facebook is trolling us with this one. People quite rightfully expressed confusion about this addition to Facebook's new "Did You Know?" feature, which allows users to answer fun questions about themselves a la 2005 MySpace, when it asked what they usually sleep with.

Obviously, people took this sexually. Men? Women? My favorite vibrator? Like, what do you mean, Facebook? And do you know how Facebook responded? They said they thought people might respond with "teddy bear" or "stuffed giraffe."

??? I'm sorry, who, pray tell, does Facebook find to be its target audience? I mean sure, there are some high school kids on their, but most of them find it too lame, considering their parents will immediately friend them. How many adults out there are sleeping with teddy bears and blankies? 

I am simply not convinced that Facebook didn't know this would create a bit of a ripple that would draw attention to the "Did You Know Feature?" But I digress. They've since removed the question and replaced it with other compelling questions I'm sure everyone is dying to know the answer to. 

According to The Verge, the new feature comes in response to the slow decline of personal updates that Facebook users post. As I'm sure you've noticed, if you have a profile, the majority of newsfeeds now are memes, funny videos, cooking tutorials, and shared news articles. It's not a place that people take to as frequently with life updates, and for good reason. The platform is huge now, and people characteristically share in more intimate settings. Consider it the fallout from the bid for advertisers and sponsored content, I guess.  

These new questions have, of course, replaced what I consider to be much more interesting Facebook questions: 

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