Checking in with Girlsway's Girl of the Month for February Brandi Love

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All The Love For Brandi Love!

XBIZ MILF Performer of the Year/Mile High Media all-girl contract performer Brandi Love has racked up yet another achievement in her already highly successful career. She is lesbian porn site Girlsway's Girl Of The Month for February and she is a damn good choice for that honor. She is one of the hardest working MILF performers in the all-girl genre and she was one of the very first MILF performers that Girlsway ever hired, first working for the girl/girl juggernaut back in 2014. The company attributes some of their early success to Love's popular scenes for them and it really is not hard to see why she is so adored by girl/girl fans everywhere.

Congrats on being Girlsway's Girl of the Month! How does it feel to be given that honor? 
"It is an incredible honor. It feels amazing and I could not be more excited to be chosen. Shooting for Girlsway is always an incredible experience. They always have a phenomenal director, stunning actresses, brilliant make-up artists.... the whole crew is like a small family. The fans of Girlsway are the icing on this tasty cake. I have nothing but praise for this amazing company and I hope to continue working with them for years to come. Thank you so much for this amazing honor."

What do you love most about Girlsway and the Girlsway production staff? 
"Damn, I kinda answered that above. The truth is that they are all amazing. The entire crew is respectful while being playful. They run a professional, tight ship all while making you feel very comfortable and taken care of."

What do you think makes Girlsway's scenes special? 
"For me, it is the amount of time and consideration the scenes are given. As an actress, when the producer/director cares, it makes it fun to give your best performance and of course, being allowed to just have sultry, hot sex while they work to capture it... well, that is just the BEST!"

What makes a great girl/girl scene in your experience? 
"For me, as in all and any sexual experiences, it is about chemistry. When the chemistry is there, it is always great sex."

How does being a Girlsway Girl of the Month rank among your porn experiences to date? 

"It is at the top. As of right now, the only thing that could top it would be named Girlsway Girl Of The Year!"

What Girlsway scenes have you enjoyed doing the most so far in your time working for them? 
"It is so hard to pick one but because you are asking, I have to side with the fans! It is 'Getting Caught: Almost Freaky' with Eliza Jane and Chanel Preston."

Other than being a Girlsway Girl of the Month, what else would you most like to achieve in your porn career? 
"Deep question....The greatest achievement for me would be to leave a lasting mark on the industry....a legacy. I would love to be remembered decades after I leave as a performer that loved what she did and always performed with passion."

What is coming up for you? 
"The simple answer however the most incredibly accurate one is the best year ever! Stay tuned."

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot? 
"I love you guys. Y'all have never been anything but supportive through the years and look forward to bringing you so many exciting things in the future. Love and respect."

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Girlsway. Click right here to go watch all of Love's Girlsway scenes right now!  

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