Can't Get Enough of That Jaime King Hotness

January 23, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Jaime King's Hotness Gives Us Such a Focus

Every single time Jaime King flashes in front of our eyes, be it in lingerie or something else, I'm reminded that there really is no such thing as too much Jaime King. When you think about it, I mean really put some thought into it, we don't have enough Jaime King hotness in our lives. We could really use a little bit more.

And you know, I can't put it all on one thing about Jaime King that drives me wild. Though, wild might be the wrong word because I'm not climbing up the walls or anything like that - the wild Jaime King gives me is very focused. I'm still in control, not going all kinds of crazy, but still, my insides are raging because of her hotness. It's not just her beautiful face or her sexy legs or awesome body in lingerie, it's all of her. There is just something about Jaime King that shivers my timbers. I have no idea why I went pirate there, but damn it, it totally works. That is what Jaime King's hotness does to me and probably many others out there.

So, if we could just get another order of Jaime King and her incredible hotness, that would be great. In fact, just leave the Jaime King hotness at the table because we're going to need all of it.

via Love and Lemons

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