Dakota Johnson Should Be Nude

January 18, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Can't Say "Naked" And Then Not Have A Naked Dakota Johnson

Look, I'm not telling anyone how to do their job, but if you're are going to feature Dakota Johnson on the cover of your magazine with the word "NAKED" in all caps under her, she better be nude in the pages. Not almost nude or close to nude or nude, but hiding behind strategically placed objects; she should be completely nude, period, end of sentence.

I don't care if the "the new naked" article in this latest edition of Allure magazine isn't about Dakota Johnson should be nude, plain and simple. You can't set us up for something like that and then not follow through. It would like walking into a shop with a sign that said "your favorite thing inside - FREE!" If you walked in to not find a nude Dakota Johnson you would be mad. Dakota Johnson nude just happens to be one of my favorite things, just like everyone else. We love Dakota Johnson and love Dakota Johnson nude even more. That's where the disappointment comes in. Not with Dakota Johnson, she's beautiful. Even when dressed she is one hell of a sexy lady and these pics are proof out that, but when you say naked and Dakota Johnson in the same sentence, then that's what we want to see.

So, let this be a lesson to everyone out there. If can't put nude or naked or boobs or breasts or butts or anything like next to Dakota Johnson and then not follow through. It's just mean, man. Mean.

via Allure

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