More Emmy Rossum Nudity? Yes, Please!

January 16, 2018 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Emmy Rossum Topless Is Still So Exciting To See

Common sense would dictate that after repeatedly seeing something that one would grow weary of it. And yet, Emmy Rossum continues to get nude on Shameless and not one single person on the face of the planet is tired of it. That's probably because there is nothing common about Emmy Rossum's boobs. They are extra, super, fantastic, awesome boobs. 

Seriously, it should not be a big deal anymore. We all have been treated to Emmy Rossum's incredible boobs for eight years now and it shouldn't still be a thing. Maybe for two season, maybe two seasons is long enough to still get excited over an Emmy Rossum nude scene, that sounds like a good amount of time. Yet, we are eight seasons in and I still I get this tingle up and down my spine when I find out that Emmy Rossum is going to be topless in the next episode. And that's the sensation I get before I see the nudity. Yeah, Emmy Rossum just has something that keeps us coming back, more excited that the last time. And by "something" I mean some really fantastic breasts.

How long can Emmy Rossum keep this up? My guess is forever. She's one hell of a sexy lady and I can't see one ever getting bored with her boobs.

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