Casey Ballerini Rubs Down and Sexes Up Karlee Grey Over at Fantasy Massage

January 8, 2018 | Posted in straight by holly-kingstown

Karlee Gets Off At The Spa!

Client Karlee Grey has a massage scheduled with a therapist other than crushed out masseuse Casey Ballerini in their new scene together over at Fantasy Massage directed by Alan E. (AKA Stills By Alan). Grey showers before her massage and during that time, Ballerini steals Grey's clothes.

A towel-covered Grey is a bit stressed that her clothes are gone, and what takes the stress away? The free massage that Ballerini offers to give her while the spa staff hunts down her lost clothing. Ballerini is all over Grey's lovely body and she adores the chance to get her hands and then her mouth on Grey's pretty flesh. After a while, Grey gives in to Ballerini's advances and the lesbian fun is on. These two really love tribbing in their time together and Ballerini seriously could not adore Grey's tits more. Go watch the whole rubdown right now!

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