Jen Selter Shows Off That Stunning Ass

January 4, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

All Kinds of Amazing, That Ass

The only thing I can think, and I mean the only idea that comes into my head as I flip through these pictures, is that Jen Selter's ass is just so awesome that she can't do any kind of stretches with it trapped inside of her pants. It doesn't matter if Jen Selter is wearing workout pants, jeans, yoga pants, or lounge pants, and it doesn't matter the shape, the style, or the material - Jen Selter's ass is just that powerful.

Of course, it really doesn't matter all that much why Jen Selter decided to take her ass out of her workout pants - all that matters is that she did and someone had their camera ready. Now, this was originally posted on Instagram, but of course someone "reported" it and it was taken down (I checked early this morning and it was gone). Thankfully someone got a couple of screen grabs and we are able to see this amazing sight. Seriously, how many squats and leg presses and other lower body workouts does one have to get to an ass like that. It so amazing it's almost unbelievable, but we have proof. We have the proof that Jen Selter's ass is all kinds of amazing. 

I'll understand why Instagram things this is inappropriate. Jen Selter's ass is a thing of pure beauty and pure booty. It's something we should thank our lucky stars we get to see.

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