Brittney Doull in a Sheer Top Is a Sheer Delight

January 14, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by jack-blackbush

Brittney Doull's Hotness Is Clear to See

While I have never understood the point of sheer anything (why would you attempt to cover something with something that is see-through?) I will say that Brittney Doull in a sheer top is pretty darn delightful. And I think one of the reasons why it's so damn delightful is that she's not trying to cover up anything.

And why would she? Brittney Doull has some pretty awesome breasts and some pretty sweet tattoos. Those are things you want to show off, and what better way to accent them than with something sheer? Sure, Brittney Doull's boobs and tats would look great completely unobstructed, but there's just something fancy about the sheer top. Is that it? Is that why people love sheer things? They make Brittney Doull's boobs fancier? Well, I guess that's just as good as a reason as any. Hell, it has me thinking about getting some sheer... something. Maybe just like a piece of sheer fabric I could hang on the wall and look for a nice reminder of how hot Brittney Doull's breasts are. That's a reminder we'd all like to get.

So, I get it. Sheer stuff reminds us of Brittney Doull and her incredible body. That makes total sense. Covering something up with something that doesn't cover a damn thing doesn't.

photos by Mortonovich

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