Polina Cold Nude Outdoors Looks Right at Home

January 2, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Yep, Polina Cold Topless Will Warm Your Heart

Sometimes you just get in a place and it feels right. It could be a car, an office, or even the great outdoors. And when you look like you're supposed to be there, that's a pretty great feeling. One can assume that Polina Cold feels right at home outside because she looks pretty damn great naked outside.

Of course, you never really know if someone loves being topless outside, but with a name like Polina Cold, I think we can make a couple of assumptions. First, I'm sure she's heard, "Polina Cold topless will make you warm" more times than she can count, and second, she loves being nude outside. There's just something about the last name Cold and her perfect breasts that just scream "I LOVE NATURE AND BEING TOPLESS OUTSIDE!" I'm not really sure I know what the combination is or how it works, I just know it does. And frankly, it's awesome and that's really all that matters.

Polina Cold has to love being topless outside because we love it so much. There is no way she would be able to pitch a tent if she didn't love being outside. And being topless. And nude. In nature.

photos by Mauricio Villahermosa

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