Sandra Corinna Is Good at Being Bad

December 29, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by jack-blackbush

Sandra Corinna Can Be Whoever She Wants

I have no idea if Sandra Corinna is a "bad girl" or not, but that is totally the vibe that is leaping off these pictures. She has got the look of a girl you're a little scared to go home with, but you don't dare tell her now. She could be the sweetest person in real life, but Sandra Corinna is good at being bad.

Honestly, I'm a little scared I might say the wrong thing about Sandra Corinna and her awesome breasts and then find myself at the wrong end of her wrath. If she is a bad girl, who's to say she won't hunt me down and beat me up for saying the wrong thing about her. So, I'll walk on eggshells because Sandra Corinna topless is worth it. Good girl or bad girl, there won't be a terrible word coming out of my mouth. Sandra Corinna topless is amazing. Sandra Corinna's breasts are fantastic. She's is scary hot and that is fan-freaking-tastic if you ask me. And whether that's true or not in real life I can't say, but if she is putting on a show, that makes it even hotter. Not to say it's not hot if she a bad girl - that's totally hot too.

A topless Sandra Corinna can be whatever kind of girl she wants. That's her call and we will go along with whatever her wishes are. That's what happens with your boobs that great. And Sandra Corinna's breasts are beyond great.

photos by Christoph Weinstein

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