Belgium Is Full of Beauties

December 28, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by jack-blackbush

These Hotties Make Changing My Travel Plans

Honestly, I know very little about Belgium. A particular kind of waffle we got from Belgium, but that's about all know. Well, I guess I know one other thing: Belgium is full of hotties. And I know this thanks to the photos of Leo Xandre.

I have no idea if Mr. Xandre is planning on putting a book together or just wanted to get some pics of his favorite models out into the world for everyone to see. Whatever his reasoning is, I'm so happy to be learning all about the hotties from Belgium. It has me wanting to know more about Belgium - like how much does a flight cost to Belgium? Where is a good place to stay in Belgium? Can one eat something other than waffles in Belgium? I'm sure all these questions could be easily answered, but I don't really want to look them up. I'm kind of busy staring at all these beautiful Belgium women.

Once again, I'm going to make the suggestion that the Belgium tourism board contact Mr. Leo Xandre to use these photos in any ads to help drive tourism. I know that is me thinking about taking a trip, and I hate going anywhere so, you know they are effective. Plus, these ladies are super hot, and seeing more of them would never be a bad thing.

photos by Leo Xandre

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