Oh, Alena Renay, You Drive Us Wild

December 26, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by jack-blackbush

We Are Ready For A Topless Alena Renay

The art the tease can take years to master. A tease, a great tease must be a mix of sensual, a touch of cruelty, and most of all leave you wanting more. I have no idea how long Alena Renay has been mastering the art of the tease, but damn it, she is a master.

So close, we are so close to seeing a topless Alena Renay, but we never really make it. We get on little hint at a nip, but that's about it. Alena Renay does her best to keep those magnificent breasts covered. While that normally be a bad thing, this time around it's totally fine. Alena Renay is just teasing us, getting us ready for when she does show off those amazing breasts of her. She wants to be ready, to be excited, to be on the edge of our seats, and you know what... we totally are. At least I know I am. I'm ready for a topless Alena Renay and I have a feeling you are too. Though, if Alena Renay wanted to tease us a little more and maybe just show off that fantastic ass first, I think we'd find a way to get by.

So, whenever Alena Renay is ready to show off those awesome boobs, we will be more than ready. Could be tomorrow, could be in a week, could in months, but that day will come. The day will come when we get to see Alena Renay topless and it will be glorious.

photos by Luis Quezada

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