A Nude Demi Rose Has No Thorns

December 22, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

The More Demi Rose, The Better

We've all heard that old saying - "Every rose has it thorns", but I've been looking over a nude Demi Rose and I'm having the hardest time finding any thorns. All I see are super sweet curves, really great cleavage, and a fantastic rump. I guess the only thorn is there are obstructed nude pics in this bunch.

You know, we shouldn't sweat that. I'm sure the completely nude, no hand bra, no wearing a thong or boots or anything Demi Rose pics are on the way. They'll be here before we know it and we should enjoy these see-through lingerie pics of Demi Rose while we can. I mean, they are pretty damn hot. And the nude pics are nothing to shake a stick at. Though, Demi Rose is wearing boots so I don't know if we can actually call them nude pics, boots are articles of clothing. Or do shoes not count as clothes? I don't know the rules on this one. The only thing I know is I'm ready for more Demi Rose pics. The more Demi Roses the better. And by "more" I mean naked.

So let's hold on tight and know that a nude Demi Rose is on the way. Until then, her glorious rear end will have to do for now. And let me tell, it does. Demi Rose's ass certainly does.


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