How Does Maria Menounos Do It?

December 22, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Is It Diet or Magic?

You ever look at something and you just can't figure it out? Sure, we all had trouble with those posters that you had to stare at to see an object, but I mean you just don't know how it all comes together to work. Maria Menounos is always sexy. Every single time I see her, she's sexy. And she's been sexy for as long as I can remember. How does Maria Menounos do it?

I guess it's safe to assume she works out and probably has a great diet, but I feel like there has to be something more. I'm not trying to say she's actually some kind of witch or user of magic and has cast a spell over herself that make hot for all time, but that's not a bad idea. Then again, maybe it's the opposite. Maybe she has no problem at all looking hot as hell. Maybe she doesn't need to hit the gym, head to the salad bar, skip dessert, or any of that stuff us normal people have to do if we want to be in shape. Yeah, Maria Menounos is just really hot and maybe for her being hot is as easy as putting on a bikini. Maria Menounos is a bikini... yeah, that's awesome.

Whatever her secret is, be it the gym or magic, it's totally working. Maria Menounos is and probably always will be really freaking hot.

via Health Magazine

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