A Topless SuzziQ Is Quite Lovely, Quite Lovely Indeed

December 31, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by jack-blackbush

SuzziQ, We Love You

Normally when someone says the name "Susie Q," my mind instantly wanders to the great song by Creedence Clearwater Revival, but now I think my mind is going to go in a completely different direction. Yeah, I think from now on it's going to a topless SuzziQ.

My guess is that SuzziQ isn't her real name, though I could totally be wrong on that. She probably came up with that name (maybe from the song, but her real name is Susie or something) to help people remember her, but really, her incredible body does that all on its own. I mean, even if SuzziQ was fully dressed, we'd probably still be able to tell how hot her body is. Though, if I had to pick between the two, I think we'd all go with a topless SuzziQ over a dressed SuzziQ. I really do wonder how long it took her to come up with the name. Like did she try a bunch of different spellings before she landed on SuzziQ? Did she come up with the idea while topless? Does she have any pictures of herself topless while coming up with the name? Whatever she did, there is no doubt we are not going to forget SuzziQ anytime soon.

Sorry, CCR, as much as I love your music, I love great boobs more. And SuzziQ has some great boobs. Though, I still like I'll keep the lyric "Oh SuzziQ, baby I love you, SuzziQ."

photos by Marc Nolte

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