Getting Some Air With a Topless Anastasiya Avilova

December 24, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by jack-blackbush

Anastasiya Avilova's Breasts Are Awesome

I'm not sure what it is about stepping outside to get a touch of fresh air that puts one in a better mood, but it works. Even if you stepping outside means hanging out by the dumpsters, something about the outdoor air makes you feel better. But imagine, just imagine, if you got to get some fresh air with a topless Anastasiya Avilova. That would probably be the freshest air you ever had.

I have to say that now I've seen Anastasiya Avilova topless outside, it's going to make getting some fresh air kind of sad. Sure, it's refreshing and a great way to clear one's head, but I know the next time I step outside, close my eyes, and take a deep breath, the only thing I'm going to be thinking about is a topless Anastasiya Avilova. Not that that's a bad thing - I have a feeling I'm going to be thinking Anastasiya Avilova's breasts even if I'm not outside - all I'm saying is what was a relaxing a few minutes ago will now be a pretty intense situation. I'll probably need to take a break from taking a break thanks to Anastasiya Avilova's boobs.

I hope that a topless Anastasiya Avilova doesn't prevent you from getting that breath of fresh air you truly need during your day. I mean, she does have some really awesome breasts.

photos by Dennis Kilch

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