You're Too Hot to Be Bored, Atha Davis

December 23, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by jack-blackbush

No One Anyone Could Not Pay Attention to Atha Davis Nude

There are some people who are never bored. Those people, I truly envy. I often found myself staring off into space because whatever I'm doing, whatever is going on around me, I'm bored. But I am never, ever bored when there is a beautiful nude woman near. So, come on Atha Davis, don't be bored, you're really hot.

Sure, I don't know if Atha Davis is actually bored or if she's just mastered the art of looking bored. I know that models have to work on their model face and constantly look bored, but I simply don't understand how Atha Davis could be bored when she's nude. Whether she's nude all alone, just watching TV or nude in the middle of a fancy firework show, Atha Davis shouldn't be bored. She's nude. And when Atha Davis is nude, we are all smiles and joy and happiness and full of life. There is no way any of us could be thinking about the last time we cleaned our refrigerator when Atha Davis has no clothes on.

So, let's just say Atha Davis isn't bored - she's just got a great at looking bored. There is just no way on earth anyone, including Atha Davis, could be bored when Atha Davis is nude.

photos by Andre Cois

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