A Nude Cassandra Is a Classic

December 30, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Put These Cassandra Nude Pics Under Your Bed

Maybe it's the black and white photos, maybe it's the clothes they pick, or maybe it's the fact that the model goes by Cassandra, but she just has a classic look. While I know these photos were taken this year, they could very well be in a shoe box under someone's bed.

Yes, we old timers used to keep actual photographs of nude women like Cassandra under our bed or in our underwear drawer or some other place we felt they would be safe. Nowadays we can see a nude Cassandra on our phones, it really is a glorious time we live in. Cassandra's super hot timeless body makes me want to actually print these photos out (or buy them) on some old paper or something and keep them under my bed. Pull them out every once and while to see if, in fact, Cassandra nude is still timeless. Though, I do have a strong feeling they would. The only thing that would make these nude pics of Cassandra is if I could know her last name. I did some looking, but honestly, I kept getting distracted by a nude Cassandra.

Whatever her last name is, there is no way any of us are going to forget Cassandra. Her face, her fair, her breasts, her beauty is quite timeless.

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