Five Reasons Why I Loved Starring in "Stepsister Creampies", by Lisey Sweet

January 5, 2018 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

Lisey Keeps It In The Family!

Blonde beauty Lisey Sweet is up for an AVN Fan Award for Hottest Newcomer (vote for her here) and she stars in Starr Erotica/Evil Angel's latest taboo relations release "Stepsister Creampies" directed by Aiden Starr.

"Working with Aiden Starr is a real treat. She's one of the most fun people in the industry and uses people's strengths in her directing and allows performers to add their personal expertise and skill to the film. Nathan Bronson and I wanted to be super dirty, acrobatic and borderline ridiculous. In the end, viewers will watch the video and be amazed at the high level of intensity we brought to this film. This was Aiden egging us on, instigating and fueling the fire to make this such a top-notch scene."

"It was first time working with Nathan Bronson. Aiden assured him that despite my delicate looks, that I could hang with the Evil Angel crew and we immediately meshed well together. He is very sexy, high energy, hilarious and his sweetness is almost unmatched in the industry. We had immediate chemistry and fed off of each other during the whole scene and that is very evident when you watch it."

"Nathan is quite a comedic character and if you don't know Aiden, Nathan has some serious competition. This combination of the two of them made production stopping moments of uncontrollable laughter. There is one part where I'm squatting on the floor with my panties hanging out of my pussy and Nathan (my stepbrother) asks me to spit in his hand so he can wipe it on my slut face. I work up a big ball of spit and end up shooting too far across the room and missing his hand entirely. Aiden signals for us to try it again and the same result happens, adding to this huge pile of spit on the floor across the room which sets us into a fit of laughter. We pause for a moment to collect ourselves and she instructs me "a little less oomph". I work up another and this time it barely goes an inch from my face. We were crying. After the fourth try we finally got it, but if Evil Angel ever releases a "blooper reel", the fans won’t be disappointed."

"The intensity of this scene was at a supremely high level. Nathan and I pulled some serious positions like pile driver and "kinging" and it really stands apart from other movies like it. One of my favorite things about shooting for Evil Angel is the close up, dick/balls/ass in sloppy mouth, with the big "Lisey Sweet fuck-me eyes". You can see my head dangling back off the edge of a couch rimming Nathan, while he strokes and my big blue eyes looking straight at the viewer for everyone's cock to twitch over."

"I was very excited to be involved in Evil Angel's taboo movie playing the stepsister. This allowed us to pump even more dirty dialogue into the scene such as "is this how you and your dad fuck my slut mother?!". We also were able to tie many other fetishes such as panty sniffing and panty stuffing, which features Nathan fucking my pussy in doggy with the panties still in my pussy before he pulls them out and shoves them into my dirty whore mouth. Creampies are my favorite. That moment when he's fucking me and his cock gets thicker and the balls tighten up and I see that look in their eyes and I know they belong to me- then suddenly I feel that wet warmth growing inside of my tight soft cunt....... Need I say more?....I am beyond excited for this release. This will actually be my first non-anal release for Evil Angel, but I do not want my hardcore fans to worry for a second! This scene will rock your cocks into an explosive mess before you can say "creampie me motherfucker"!"

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Starr Erotica/Evil Angel. Follow Sweet on Twitter to keep up with all of her very sexy doings and click right here to watch "Stepsister Creampies" right now!  

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