Fleshbot's Sex Toy of the Week: Liberator’s Wedge

December 9, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

Get a Wedge for Your Bedroom!

Liberator's Wedge is the high-density foam answer to making your sex life way better. Oh, wow, I love this thing. It is a cushion with a 27-degree angle to it that is designed to make a lot more positions longer lasting and/or better feeling when one person in the fun is using the Wedge, as you can see from the video above. 

The Wedge is super firm and won't be breaking down from overuse in your world anytime soon. All of Liberator's products are super well-constructed. The soft microfiber cover that comes with the Wedge is machine washable and the Wedge itself has a water-resistant cover so do not fear the squirter in your life destroying this beauty. This retails for $109 in our store and seriously, this will absolutely last you a lifetime. Using the Wedge makes so much of sex so much more comfortable on the joints. I adore my Wedge.

Click right here to pick up your own Wedge from Liberator right now!

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