Throwback Thursday: Remember August Ames

December 8, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

August Is Gone

Life is really good, but wow, it is completely unfair. 

Porn superstar August Ames has had the cause of her very sudden death on Tuesday confirmed - and it was suicide by hanging, according to

What is being considered a contributing factor to her decision to kill herself is an experience she had on Twitter after she announced that she had declined to work for a porn company after they cast her to work with a "crossover" performer. A "crossover" performer is a performer in adult who is pansexual and works on straight, gay and trans sets.

Ames was 23 years old and did something that a lot of us do at that age. She said some stupid shit. I personally said and did a LOT of stupid shit when I was 23 and I think most people reading this will admit to doing the same if they are at all capable of being honest with themselves.

These "crossover" performers have no more risk of having STIs than any other performers, but there is an unfortunate assumption out there that the "crossover" performers are more cavalier about getting STIs and not really caring about the diseases that they have or if they transmit anything. This is completely untrue, as every performer out there regardless of their sexuality wants to be at peak sexual health at all times for their overall well-being and career longevity. While Ames absolutely had every right to refuse any sexual partner for any reason at all, there was really no good reason to post this tweet online at all.

There were people on social media who went over the top in their condemnation of Ames for her unnecessary tweet. One fellow performer even suggested that she kill herself. None of that was fucking necessary to do or was in the slightest a kind way to behave. 

Ames obviously had other issues than this one shoot and this one tweet going on in her life and we probably  never will know anything about any of that pain because she is not around anymore. 

Be kind to strangers online. If you can't manage kindness, at least try for civility. Honor her beauty and how good she made people feel by not spreading hate online in your interactions.

If you are struggling because you are considering suicide or if you need someone to talk to about your feelings over Ames' death, you can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline anytime at 1-800-273-8255 or visit their website for other resources.

The image of Ames above appears here courtesy of Sweetheart Video/Mile High Media.

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