Is Madison Beer Singing In Her Bra?

December 6, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

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Madison Beer's Sexiness Will Soon Be Everywhere

There's that old joke that everyone sounds great in the shower. You can just let it rip, sing as loud as you want, and if you are in the shower, you're going to sound like a million bucks. Well, the truth is the shower doesn't have magical powers that make your voice sound better. But maybe, just maybe, there is something to this whole singing-in-your bra thing that Madison Beer is doing.

If you have no clue who Madison Beer is, then let this be a super sexy introduction. She's an up and coming singer who appears to enjoy singing in her bra. Hey, you don't have to understand the creative process, it's not the same for everyone. For some people, they have to get up butt-ass early and write or paint or draw before the sun comes up in an old T-shirt and shorts. And for Madison Beer, she has to work out lyrics with nothing restricting her. She's gotta belt out those notes in her bra. Or maybe it's a tank top. I don't know. All I know is it seems like Madison Beer needs some cleavage to help her work.

So, let's all keep an eye out for more Madison Beer. I have a strong feeling we are going to be seeing more of her in the very near future. Maybe more bra singing, maybe some sexy outfit singing. Either way, it's going to be sexy.

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