Is Rihanna Vintage Sexy or Modern Sexy?

December 6, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Or Is It All Rihanna Sexy?

So, here's a fun question for you: Is Rihanna being vintage sexy or modern sexy in this Vogue Paris spread? One minute I'm thinking she's rocking the wig and the throwback clothing, being all super sexy. Then the next minute, I'm pretty sure everything she's wearing is a modern take on a classic to show off Rihanna's modern-day sexiness. Oh, there's just too much Rihanna sexiness going on.

Seriously though, I have no idea what the concept behind these pictures is. The only thing I can think of is Rihanna. Like the photographer really didn't have an idea of what he wanted to do because Rihanna is so damn sexy it kind of overwhelmed him so they just grabbed whatever and let Rihanna pick out stuff and be sexy. Honestly, that makes the most sense to me. Rihanna knows what looks good on her, she knows how to make just about anything sexy, so why not let her do her do her thing? Yeah, I think I'm going to modern vintage for this one. Or maybe I should just go all Rihanna.

In fashion, trends come and go, but with Rihanna her hotness is constant. You can throw her in any kind of clothes, or throw her in no clothes, and she's going to be sexy as hell. Yeah, this photo spread is all Rihanna.

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