Kate Upton Is Still Sexy

December 5, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Never Doubt Kate Upton in a Bikini

It is said that married life changes you. Some even become what can seem like different people, but when you go through a major life change, it's to be expected. So, if you were worried that Kate Upton might be different now that she's wed, you need not worry. Kate Upton is still sexy as hell.

Though, I must admit that I wasn't all that worried. I didn't think a simple wedding ring would change someone as beautiful as Kate Upton. Plus, I doubt now that she is hitched her dreams will change from being one of the sexiest bikini models to a happy housewife in sweatpants. Though, if she wanted to rock some sexy sweatpants and a bikini top to combine those two worlds, it would make for a hell of a beautiful sight. Yes, Kate Upton isn't going hanging up her bikini dreams anytime soon and that's how it should be. Kate Upton had a career before she was married and she'll continue to have a very sexy career after she's married.

You know some might even argue that Kate Upton married is sexier than Kate Upton single, but if you ask me there is no way to tell. Kate Upton is in a bikini and that's really all one can focus on.

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