Blonde Selena Gomez Is Just Plain Sexy

December 5, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Stay Blonde Selena Gomez, Stay Blonde

I don't know if this just a phase or maybe Selena Gomez is going to stay blonde from now on, but damn it, it's really sexy. There is no way around this one, a blonde Selena Gomez just might be the hottest Selena Gomez of them all. I know that's saying a lot, but are you seeing what I'm seeing?

I know we like to have fun, make some jokes, and look at some sexy ladies, but this time around, we have to skip all that and go straight to Selena Gomez. Seriously, people, I'm completely absorbed by this new look. Of course, there is a little nagging voice in my head that's telling me this is a one-time thing and Selena Gomez will have her beautiful dark locks the next time we see her. I'm doing my best to not listen to that voice and just be transported the land of blonde Selena Gomez. Man, who would have thought just a little change like that would have Selena Gomez looking so damn sexy. Well, I'm sure there are some out there who have been dreaming for this day for awhile now. Hey guys, it's here. Blonde Selena Gomez is here. And it's beautiful.

We should all cross our fingers and toes that Selena Gomez decides to stay blonde for a little while. Hell, what am I saying? I hope Selena Gomez stays blonde for a long while and then tries out red hair. Oh man, now I'm seeing a red-headed Selena Gomez in my mind...

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