Nothing Is Ruined By a Nude Astrid Von Winter

December 4, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

A Nude Astrid Von Winter Will Always Add Beauty

There are some people out there who can see the beauty in an old, falling down building. They can see the history of it, the small details that remain, and sometimes people can see a nude Astrid Von Winter. Yes, no matter how old or how dilapidated or how much rubble is scattered on the ground, you have a nude Astrid Von Winter and everything is standing strong.

Though, in all fairness, you could put a nude Astrid Von Winter in a brand new building and it would be pretty damn awesome. That's the thing about Astrid Von Winter - she can add beauty to whatever. A sunset on a beach? Sure, that's lovely and everything, but toss a nude Astrid Von Winter in front of those red rays on sun and BAM! You've created one of the most beautiful sights anyone has ever seen. A demolition site? Sure, there's beauty to be found. What's that on a pile of concrete? Why, it's a nude Astrid Von Winter! My goodness, this is the most beautiful pile of concrete and dump trucks any of have ever seen!

No matter the place, the time, or the setting, it's always a great place for Astrid Von Winter, especially a nude Astrid Von Winter. There are few things in life you can't go wrong with, and thankfully a nude Astrid Von Winter is one of them.

photos by Kristian Quistgaard and The18thletterphotography

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