Checking in with Penthouse's "Corrupted By An Angel" Director Joanna Angel

December 19, 2017 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

Check Out Joanna's New Penthouse Movie!

AVN Hall of Famer Joanna Angel has directed her first release for Penthouse Video. "Corrupted By An Angel" also stars Angel and is available for purchase right now. Here's what Angel has to say about this new movie.


How did it come about for you to direct for Penthouse? How was it directing for someone other than Burning Angel? It's been quite a while since that happened.

"Drew, the head of production at Penthouse, used to work at Hustler when I was a director there. He reached out to me with the opportunity and it excited me so I said yes. In all honesty, the experience wasn’t all that different than directing my usual feature films. I used the same crew (Mike Quasar shot it - he is essentially the entire crew, ha ha) and with myself, Small Hands, and Will Havoc all being there it truly felt a lot like a Burning Angel day but with some added softcore sex and a little more girl/girl than usual!

What inspired your script for Corrupted By An Angel?
"I was actually inspired by watching reruns of 'My So-Called Life'."

How did you cast this movie? What made you choose the performers you did for this?

"Both myself and the higher ups at Penthouse made the decision together! Riley [Nixon] was a good choice to be the star because she’s a strong up and coming starlet who also takes dick in her butt! That is a rarity for the Penthouse Pets. Go Riley! And Jenna [Sativa]is their Pet of the Year, and without a doubt the strongest girl on girl performer in the industry so she was an obvious choice for the girl/girl scene in the movie. Ryan [Keely] is such an iconic Penthouse Pet - she completely made sense for the mom role. Not to mention with Ryan’s short hair and Riley’s buzzed hair, they really did look like a mom and a daughter in the pornoverse. Gina’s [Valentina] Penthouse cover had just come out when the movie was being cast so showcasing her in the movie also made sense - and well .... she’s Gina. She’s hilarious and insanely hot. She should basically be in every porn movie that comes out, ever."

You and Small Hands did original music for this release. What bands/songs inspired the sound of this release?

"Bikini Kill and Hole. We were going for some angsty, fun, girl power shit!"

What did you enjoy most about directing for Penthouse as a whole?

"It was challenging for me to write a drama with a lot of 'serious' parts. It’s not what I normally do and I enjoyed branching out and trying something different."

How does "Corrupted By An Angel" differ from your Burning Angel work? Did you alter the way you do things to reach Penthouse's audience or did you stay with what you normally do?

"As I said before it wasn’t all that different - it’s definitely a directed by Joanna Angel movie and no one will mistake it for anything else. It’s a little more dialogue heavy than my usual movies and even though there’s some comedic parts, it’s not a slapstick ridiculous comedy like I usually do. I did what came naturally to me for this genre of film. I didn’t specifically do anything to please their audience. I just wanted to make a good movie I was proud of."

What is your favorite scene in this movie?
"I think they’re all amazing :) but on a purely selfish note, I enjoyed my BGG anal with Riley Nixon because I love threesomes with women and I love anal sex so that was all things awesome coming together in the universe."

What performances in it delighted/surprised you most?
"There really weren’t any surprises! This was a strong cast and I knew every scene was going to give me a boner. And they all did."

What else is coming up for you?

"Well, we just recently launched Dooms Whiskey and that’s been a completely new and exciting adventure. And, and drumroll, please... I wrote an erotic fiction novel earlier this year that is finally being released! I’m so excited about it. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon now. The hard copies will be available sometime in January."

Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?

"Buy my book. Drink my booze. Watch my porn and be good to each other."

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