Tia La Rose Dishes Hollywood Nude Fun and Strips Over at Naked News

December 2, 2017 | Posted in Sponsored by alice-wyke

Hollywood News You Can Use and Enjoy!

Beautiful anchorwoman Tia La Rose chats about Hollywood doings and removes her duds in this report from Naked News. Soon to be princess Meghan Markle is shown at a former gig of hers on the Howie Mandel-hosted game show "Deal Or No Deal". She is quite the beauty and watching her become royal will be awesome. Armie Hammer's Twitter drama gets touched upon and yeah, social media can be quite teh emotional minefield for celebs. Hope he gets over his troubles with it soon.

Mariah Carey's big settlement with her big bucks-having ex-fiance gets discussed by La Rose as she gets full frontal naked for our viewing pleasure and wow, that is an awesome, awesome sight. Jennifer Lawrence's stolen personal nude photos come up then and in an interview, Lawrence says that she is still processing that violation of her very personal world. Nothing about a lack of consent is any fun and here is hoping that Lawrence finds her peace with that pain really, really soon. Mischa Barton's ex isn't putting a sex tape featuring her out there but there are plenty more for us all to peruse.

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