Of Course Selena Gomez Is the Woman of the Year

December 4, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Selena Gomez Produces So Much Sexiness in a Year

Look, no one cares if it's for a magazine, a television show, or something else. You could be giving Selena Gomez the Woman of the Year award in a hundred different fields. She's awesomely sexy, and if someone wants to give her an award for all her sexiness throughout the year, no one is going to argue.

And yes, I know Billboard magazine is about music and not sexiness... at least not all about sexiness, but the point still stands that Selena Gomez is Woman of the Year just about every year. Sure, she may not get an actual award from some actual company, but she has our hearts, and that's nothing to shake a stick at. Of course, I think we are all totally happy that someone out there finally realized that Selena Gomez needed an award for everything she does during a single year. When you think about it, besides all the music and touring and all that business, think of the number of sexy photo shoots, the number of sexy TV appearances, the number of sexy Instagram posts... I'm worn out just from typing all that. Selena Gomez does a lot of sexy things in a year and what better way to celebrate that than with another sexy photo spread?

So, tonight raise a glass of whatever you are drinking to the sexiness of Selena Gomez. She's Woman of the Year and her cleavage is our reward!

photos via Billboard Woman of the Year 2017

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