That's One Nice... Hat Josephine Skriver

December 4, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Or Do We Say Nice Ass, Josephine Skriver, First?

So, this is one of those awkward situations where I don't know what to do. Josephine Skriver is wearing a cowboy hat and nothing else and I don't know where to compliment the hat or the ass first. Seriously, why doesn't someone write down the etiquette for this situation?

I feel like we should say nice things about Josephine Skriver's ass first. After all, it's one hell of an ass, it's one of her many, many great features, and it's right there. It's right out in the open, looking amazing, and it deserves to be mentioned. But then again, Josephine Skriver did also find the perfect cowboy hat to compliment her nude body. That probably took a little bit of work and one should take the time to say a few nice words about the hat as well. Honestly, I feel like I'm making this situation more awkward because I don't know what the proper thing to do is. And sure, some of you might say that when Josephine Skriver is nude in front of you, cowboy hat or not, there is no reason to be proper. She's got one hell of a body and it's okay to not know what to do when you are staring at it. But I say this is no time to let our manners slide.

If there was only a way to compliment Josephine Skriver's ass and cowboy hat at the same time. I'm really surprised no one has come up with a word for that yet. I mean, we can't say nice ass, hat Josephine Skriver because that sounds like we are calling her a bad name. Sigh, I guess I better just sit here in silence and stare at a nude Josephine Skriver.

via Josephine Skriver on Instagram

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