Alessandra Ambrosio Is Always Awesomely Arousing

December 4, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Alessandra Ambrosio's Constant Sexiness Is What We Need

We all crave a bit of consistency in our lives. We need that balance, that every day to help us through the crazy parts that we have no control over. So, when the roller coaster of life looks like it's about to go down a giant hill, that's when I turn to Alessandra Ambrosio. Her hotness is always there and always sexy as hell.

I'm pretty sure that even when I'm old and gray, Alessandra Ambrosio is still going to be sexy as hell. I'm not saying she's part of some secret society that has found a way to stay youthful and sexy or anything like that, I have no idea what she does on the weekends, but I do that for as long as I can remember Alessandra Ambrosio has been sexy as hell. Each and every time I see Alessandra Ambrosio, whether for fun or because I can't deal with the unknown, she is sexy. Yep, Alessandra Ambrosio is the on constant in my life (and probably your life) that never disappoints. And that, my friends, is pretty darn great.

Sure, there others out there who tend to be sexy a lot. They seem as if they are sexy all the time, but I bet you there have been a few moments when their sexiness isn't enough. That's never been the case with Alessandra Ambrosio. Her sexiness shines like the brightest star in the darkest night.

via Alessandra Ambrosio on Instagram

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