Anna Kendrick's Cleavage Is Perfect

November 28, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Oh My, Oh My, Oh My Anna Kendrick Cleavage

For the longest time, we've known that Anna Kendrick was sexy. We know she always plays the nice girl who doesn't show off too much skin (with maybe one or two exceptions). Maybe we are lucky to get a pic of her in a bra or something sexy, but still, never too much skin is seen. Well, I guess Anna Kendrick decided to show some skin with some epic cleavage.

Look, if I wasn't already totally crushing on Anna Kendrick, today would be the day I jumped on that boat. Of course, I've been crushing on Anna Kendrick for longer than I can remember so this is just pushing my love boat over the edge. Seriously, this is by far the sexiest Anna Kendrick moment we've ever had. I really wish, hope, dream, and pray that Anna Kendrick will watch this music video/trailer thing and notice how incredible she looks. And in that moment she will make a decision to do nude a topless scene in a movie. My heart just skipped a couple of beats thinking about a topless Anna Kendrick. I know I should calm down first and not stare at Anna Kendrick's cleavage again, but damn it, that's what I'm going to do.

Anna Kendrick has some killer cleavage and I think we are all going to count our blessings for getting to see it. I do hope this is not the last of it.

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