Gettin' Woodsy With Camila Mendes

November 27, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Camila Mendes Makes the Outdoors Really Sexy

As we all know, I'm not much of the outdoors type. To me, camping is staying some place that doesn't have wifi. Yet as I sit here in a comfortable chair staring at Camila Mendes getting all woodsy in her short shorts and no bra, I must admit I can hear the call of nature and its call is pretty damn sexy.

You know, all this wood cutting, log hauling, and canoe toting has me thinking that Camila Mendes needs a show about the outdoors. She can wear this ensemble every week, teach all about the great outdoors and all things mother nature has to offer. She'll snap a selfie while rocking some pretty awesome side boob halfway through every episode. Then she can end the show with her in the hot tub or pool or whatever it is she's soaking in while wearing a black bikini to give us a nice recap of everything we learned. I'm telling you, "Gettin' Woodsy with Camila Mendes" would be a hit, no matter the network. Hell, it might even inspire the next generation of loggers and pioneers.

Sure, it could all be for show. Camila Mendes might hate being outside, but one thing I know for sure is the outside loves Camila Mendes. She looks fantastic when she reconnects with nature while wearing very little.

photos via Men's Health Tech Guide 2018

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